TGO 2018: I’m Going to Scotland

Happy Days!!! I received word that I’m in – I made the cut and I’m eligible for the 2018 TGO (The Great Outdoors) Challenge, a coast to coast Scotland backpacking adventure.

Acceptance email for TGO Challenge 2018, backpacking Scotland coast to coast.
Acceptance email for TGO Challenge 2018, backpacking Scotland coast to coast.

I just sent in my entry fee to make it official and now I have to plan out my route to present to the TGO Challenge vetters. For those who don’t know, the TGO Challenge, in its 39th year, is a self-sustained backpacking trip from the west coast of Scotland to the east coast. Scotland is very unique in that they allow for “wild camping” on most outdoor private and public land and the culture is very accepting of this (unlike here in the States where you’d probably get shot as a trespasser).

So, now I begin the planning. I’m in the infancy stage but my initial thoughts are to:
1. Fly into Glasgow
2. Take a train to Mallaig and sign in
3. Take a ferry to Inverie
4. Backpack several days over to Loch Ness (gotta check out Nessie)
5. Backpack down to Newtonmore, stay in a hostel and have a nice shower
6. Backpack several days over to Aberdeen
7. Take a bus down to Montrose and sign out

Averaging 15 miles a day, this will take me approximately 12+ days to complete. That should allow me an extra day in Aberdeen and an extra day in Montrose if all goes well.

I will post updates as I cement my plans.

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  1. FANTASTIC – I am sure the Scottish scenery will be uplifting, inspiring and exhausting… not to mention rain, rain, rain. But what fun, what wonderful fun.

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