Brian Kernighan’s Hello World

(Picture of Brian Wilson Kernighan)

As I have completely overhauled my site, I thought it only fitting to begin with a Hello World post…

One of the very first things that a newbie learns is, “Hello World!” It is a tradition, a means of passage as one enters into the computing world. The first known version was from Brian Kernighan’s “Tutorial Introduction to the Language B”;, in 1972.
He wrote:

main( ) { 
  extrn a, b, c; 
a 'hell'; 
b 'o, w'; 
c 'orld';

In 1972, in an internal Bell Laboratories memo, he wrote, “Programming in C: A Tutorial”, containing:

main( ) { 
  printf("hello, world"); 

Feel free to comment with your language’s way of saying “Hello World”. I would love for this post to contain any way imaginable to say “Hello World”.


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