Site Maps and Their Place in the Land of SEO Snakeoil

I’m not a fan of SEO tricks. I come across a lot companies not willing to embrace the concept of good content; instead gullibly grasping on to SEO tricks as a proverbial magic bullet. Whether it is ignorance or faith, it becomes a tiger chasing its tail. But there are some sensible, reasonable things that one can do that don’t resort to unethical trickery.

Site maps are a great tool that are often overlooked. It took me a while before I started appreciating them . I’ve come to recognize their benefit.

They provide a great and efficient way of having your website indexed by Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

It is well worth the effort.

Here is a good link with all of the tools needed:

and here is a good series of “how-tos”:

And then, finally, you’ll need to log in to Google’s Webmaster Tools and submit your site map. You’ll want to toggle Yahoo! and Bing, also.

I do this for all of my sites that I build. It gives me great feedback.


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