W3Schools, or W3Fools?

I received an interesting about.com newsletter this morning penned by Jennifer Kyrnin (of about.com) titled, Don’t be Fooled by W3Schools. Basically, the article is an alert not to trust the website, as it is riddled with inaccuracies.

Personally, I have used the site many times in the past for reference as it ALWAYS pops up in the top 5 in google search, but I have always wondered if they were part of the W3C.

They look like they could be…

It turns out that they are not, and there is even a website devoted to exposing “the fraud”, much like how “Operation Clambake” exposes Scientology. Check out w3fools.com.

If, indeed, W3Schools is nothing more than a University of Phoenix type of money grabbing operation (ie, the sale of diplomas), and they are passing along erroneous information, then yes, they should be called to task. After all, most of the people visiting the site are probably like me — not well-versed/confident enough to question the errors. Instead, we absorb and retain bad facts, and look stupid at the next job interview.

I am curious as to other peoples’ take…


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